How long haven't you opened a real book ? The progress makes our lives convenient. The smart phones, ipad, computers and high-tech products changed our lives. We can read all kinds of books and movies on ipad,we can just use our finger to control all the function but we are losing some real feelings .....
"The technology makes our life easier,but limits our imagination."
The "Animate pop-up book theater" is a project that reminds people of traditional things.By using the animation, performance to give the traditional pop-up book and old story a new life.


「The little prince lives on a little planet which just bigger than himself. He have three volcanoes, a few baobab and a proud rose. He can watch forty four twice of sunset on the planet, but he still need a friend....」

『All grown-ups were once children– although few of them remember it.』
Whether you have read "The Little Prince", please come and listen to our version.Film animation combining live performance which is a brend new type of drama.
The original animation, character design, songs and pop-up book all come from Taiwan.
Let's read this lovely story together.You'll be touching again.


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